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Covid-19 Unemployment: Job Alternatives To Get Back In The Game || Aruwaab9ja

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Covid-19 Unemployment: Job Alternatives To Get Back In The Game

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every company worldwide. Many organizations needed to close their offices and hire more remote workers to move forward. In the US, the unemployment rate increased significantly and it was the highest since the great depression. 

After losing their jobs, several workers found themselves in a very stressful situation. Dealing with the expenses and getting a new job became an everyday struggle. Many people began to wonder what job alternatives could help them to get back in the game. If you’re one of them, you must read this article. It will provide you with some pandemic-proof jobs that will enable you to face unemployment during Covid-19.

Software Engineer

Digital solutions have become indispensable in the coronavirus era. During the Covid-19 lockdown, most organizations leaned on web apps and mobile apps to offer their services. Online streaming gained more ground and traditional TV companies began to experience a reduction in their subscriptions. 

On the other hand, online shopping became almost the only way to make purchases. For that reason, companies like Walmart and Amazon began to invest in new technologies to improve their services. All of this wouldn’t be possible without software engineers. They are responsible for enhancing applications and improving the quality of systems. They must look for issues and opportunities for improvement. Also, they have to stay updated when it comes to new technologies. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to provide the best results.

Most software engineers have a wide range of programming skills in their toolkit. In that case, if you want to start a software engineering career, you’ll need to become a self-sufficient coder. The demand for software engineers will continue to increase in the following years. After all, they are the ones who are allowing companies to take their products and services to a whole new level. 

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers have become essential for organizations in 2020. This is because the need for cloud computing services like AWS and Microsoft Azure increased during the lockdown. Cloud services provide companies with data security and accessibility. As a result, companies can prevent cyberattacks and provide employees with access to their databases. Cloud engineers are responsible not only for developing cloud software but maintaining it.

Learning AWS skills is a good way to become a cloud engineer. AWS is among the most popular cloud services these days and more companies are likely to move to the cloud in the following years. In general, cloud engineers have to perform technical duties related to cloud computing. Given that, if you want to stand out, you’ll also need to learn skills like software development and IT architecture.

JavaScript Developer

Websites have become a vital tool for companies. They allow organizations to reach bigger audiences, improve their advertising strategies, and increase customer trust. Since customers spend more time online, their demands are higher. To keep customers engaged, companies need to offer an outstanding user experience. Otherwise, consumers won’t stay on their site for too long. 

JavaScript developers are in-demand because of their capabilities to create very attractive and interactive sites. Also, they know how to deal with data and create backend solutions. Learning JavaScript will allow you to get a new job because you don’t need to leave your home to do your duties. Additionally, improving your wellbeing will no longer be a barrier. After all, JS developers’ salaries are skyrocketing.

Whether you seek to become a web developer or a full stack developer, you should consider visiting the Computer Science Hero. It will help you to know what web developers do, what their responsibilities are, what skills you need to learn, and what education pathways are available. 


Getting back in the game can be challenging. But, considering these job alternatives is the best you can do. They all are great to become a remote worker and impress employers. However, before making your decision, do some extra research if necessary. Identify what makes you feel motivated and passionate. Keep in mind that loving your job is key to achieve happiness and provide the best results. Also, remember that education is important in the 21st century. For that reason, you should consider enrolling in a coding school to get an online degree. 


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