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Why Men Are Dying On Top Women.

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It has now become a weekly thing that one man must die on top a woman since the beginning of this year.
The number of men dying on top women is becoming very worrisome in Nigeria these days. This ugly trend must be reversed before it ruins the society.

Just some days ago, a lawyer, Sir Eric Igbedion Agboegbulem died after allegedly sleeping with a prostitute named Precious. The married lawyer who was said to be hypertensive had taken the young lady to a hotel and after having fun, gave up the ghost.
Since I was born, I am yet to hear news that a woman died on top a man. That tells you that in some cases the only way you can win as a man is lying flat and lifeless on the floor.

Just last year and this year alone, I have read countless stories of men dying on top women. Not even one, I mean not even one story of a woman dying on top a man.

The first story I read this year was about Davy who staked N50,000 after boasting that he would defeat his lover, loveth in bed. This story happened in Ikotun area of Lagos, according TheGuardian. And before one could say ‘jack’, Davy slumped and died while on the seventh round. Local man gave up the ghost in a disastrous way. Loveth spent the rest of her days at the police station awaiting autopsy result

Another one I read is that of Onyekachi Nwosu. He was a businessman who booked a hotel in Aguda area of Surulere in Lagos to have fun with his lover. When he thought he was about to reach the peak, that was when he began gasping for air and died. He forgot that sweet things in the middle can also kill. The 36 year-old businessman’s death led to the arrest of people at the hotel and her lover too. You see how this thing can put innocent people in trouble?
The manager of the hotel when asked what happened by the police, said that the businessman died after one round. He started shivering and gave up the ghost. That’s another local man gone.

Then in Delta, Ibusa to be precise. That was how a married 55 year-old commercial driver wasted his life after trying to out muscle his lover, a mother of three in the bedroom. He paid with his dear life. The sweet part is that the woman ran for her life. They are still looking for her.

Just some days ago, another local man, Danjuma Yahaya Alli added his name to the long list of departed souls after engaging his lover in a marathon coitus. That was how Danjuma saw stars and died on top Victory Amaize in Abuja.

The story goes on and on. I believe drugs, desire to impress and a case of ‘when one’s cup is full’ are the contributing factors to this ugly precedents. Men should stop killing themselves with drugs like tramadol, samsu and others. Take what your natural strength can give and stop dying to impress women. Stop the show off and sleeping with other people’s wives. Stolen meat maybe be sweet to the mouth, remember the bone can also do you harm. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner of the house. I am calling on all men to stop killing themselves for women. This is why they are dying like chickens on top women.

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