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STORY TIME: ("Always Ready" _ EPISODE 05).

Prompting you the best..... 

When she said the guy was her brother, I quickly removed my hand from her waist but was surprised when she held my hand and took it back to the previous position. She told me not to worry. 

Timileyin: Are you afraid? Me: Yes, I don’t want trouble for my self. 

Timileyin:I said don’t worry is he not my broda I'll handle it . 

M e : * * e & w a s b e a t i n g f a s t e r t h a n n o r m a l * * o k a y b a b y . A g a t h a : D i d I j u s t h e a r y o u s a y b a b y .

T i m i l e y i n : Y e s n o w w h a t s y o u r b u s i n e s s t h e i r o r a r e y o u j e a l o u s . W i t h t h e w a y t h i s g i r l i s b e h a v i n g , i t s o b v i o u s t h a t s h e s a s p o ilt brat. I was afraid cos I don’t know what his reaction will be but I was assured not to worry. 

Now Timileyin’s broda is already with us and I was shocked with what I heard. Timileyin’s broda (Wale): ooh is this the boy you have been telling us about. He said this and afterwards shook hands with me. 

it was then I was relieved that I’m safe. During our conversation, Agatha witnessed it all. 

I could not bear the embarrassment any so I maneuvered my way by opting to go home as time was already few mins to 6pm. Then her broda allowed me to go. I got home that day at about 15 mins to 8pm. I was thinking and reflecting on how tomorrow is going to be shaped. 

As I was still thinking, I just sharply remembered what Wale said i.e Timileyin’s broda that ‘is this the boy you have been telling US about’ that statement really gave me concern that I had a mixed and impossible feelings. 

I asked myself that. ‘is it that this girl have already told her parents about me?’ ‘or could she be planning something 4 me S' b u t s h e c l a i m t o l o v e m e s o s h e c a n t h a r m m e o r d i d s h e k n o w t h a t I w a s m a k i n g a m o v e t o w o o s o m e o n e e l s e S' I a s k e d m y s e l f a l o t r h e t o r i c a l q u e s t i o n s t h a t c a n t b e a n s w e r e d b e c a u s e t h e m a n n e r w h i c h W a l e h e r b r o t h e r a s s h e c l a i m e d e a r l i e r s a i d t h a t US’ was too intense as if they have been planning on how to kidnap me. 

But I later told myself that I’ve done nothing wrong so I should be rest assured that I’m safe for now. The night was very fast as I was unable to sleep early due to what happened earlier that day. Now it’s Friday. 

Though I don’t have any plans to go to her house again since the earlier encounter with the guy she claimed to be her broda. But it was obvious that she will force me today because we usually close 3 hours earlier on Fridays. 

I have already made up my mind not to go with her no matter how she try to force me. It was that day that I believe that walls have ears and not only the walls, including the road cos that matter was trending in the class that day that as some people will even come and meet me to ask me what her broda said but I’ll just tactically change the topic but some of them won’t give up. They would ask questions like. 

‘You met broda wale yesterday what did he say?’ ‘broda wale no dey take nonsense ooo beta stay off his sister’ ‘Guy I pity you, maybe he was in a good mood yesterday that’s why you ain’t in the hospital by now’ On hearing stuffs like this I was getting more afraid so I decided to make some findings on my own, so I asked some people about Wale and why everyone is afraid of him. one guy told me that Broda Wale graduated last year. I was shocked that he was even my classmate. 

The guy went on by telling me how Wale almost killed one teacher because Timileyin reported to him that the teacher is wooing her. On hearing this, it was as if they activated auto-heat as I began to sweat profusely with fear of Wale in my mind, but he didn’t appear that dangerous to me as he even shook hands with me and also told me to take care of his sister very well. 

70% of my body was afraid of the next meeting with Wale while the remaining 30% is as good as dead. I couldn’t concentrate well in school but no teacher noticed despite the fact that my seat is at the front. 

After the school had closed, Timileyin came to persuade me again inviting me to her house so I accepted the offer. I don’t know what came over me that made me accept without hesitation despite all the pressure. On getting to their house, I was happy because of one thing.

To Be Continued....

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