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STORY TIME: ("Always Ready" _ EPISODE 04).

Prompting you the best..... 

Her action shocked me not that she was the one that pulled it but she triggered the action. I was in the class during economics and after the class the teacher called me to see him outside. 

I was not surprise cos he usually calls me to help him take his note to the staff room and some other stuff. So I didn’t put it in mind so after the class I decided to meet him as he had ordered. 

So when I went to meet him. I was shocked at the question he asked. Economics teacher: I want you to answer this question honestly. Me: Sure, why should I lie? Economics teacher: Why have you been avoiding Timileyin? Me: **shocked** I’m not avoiding her it’s just that…. Economics teacher: just what! so you have start keeping malice, when did you even resume. 

Me: I’m not keeping malice with her ooo and she’s not even in class. Economics teacher: Okay go and call her for me. Me: ***so dis gal go report me*** okay sir. 

I went to her class to call her and her reaction was as if she won a lottery. The feelings I had for her is now going down as time goes on. 

The malice as claimed by the teacher was resolved right there before the teacher left for his office and this was how I was unable to enjoy my immunity as I have indulged some 4 days ago. Every time I try to ignore her, she threaten to report to the teacher and I was trying all my possible best not to be on any teachers blacklist as I’ve become their favorite new student. 

Soon the visitation pestering began that same day that the malice as claimed by the teacher was resolved. This time Bolanle’s attitude was gradually going down which disturbed me very much because she’s the one I chose. 

Soon I start planning on how to punish this Timileyin. But since my plan was not working out so I decided to forget about punishing her. And move on with my studies but she was still pestering me to come to her house. 

So one day I decided to follow her but I’ll they make it known to her early in the morning so that she wouldn’t end up telling people including people that I don’t want them to know. So that evening after school and lesson which ended 5pm while I was going so u decided to use my brain as planned earlier. 

I didn’t take cab at the usual place I used to. I was just walking on my own so that if she’s still interested, she’ll catch up with me but if she’s not then I will just stop and take a cab home. Just as I predicted I just heard someone shouting my name from behind and when I turned back it was her but she was not alone she was with 2 of her friends whom they used to go home together but I didn’t know that they live in the same area. 

I was so shocked that I just decided within me that I will have to postpone my appointment with her though she didn’t know about it. So as I saw that she was the one and she was not alone I decided to stop. 

If she was alone maybe I won’t have stopped. She moves towards my direction and her friends were not running but they increased their footsteps so as to catch up also. on getting to my position, she hugged me which I was surprised at so I have to welcome it and as I looked thru her shoulder where I rest my head Agatha gave me a thumb up while Bolanle also smirked a wicked smile which shows she was not happy with the situation. 

Yes I almost forgot Agatha and Bolanle were the two girls that were with her. 

They later caught up with us and were surprised to see me trekking cos that’ll be the first time they will see me trekking. Just then we were gisting and Agatha decided to ask me what happened that made me want to trek today. 

Agatha: This one that you are trekking today hope all is well, or you want to go home with your babe. Me: I don’t know she lives around here ooo…. 

Timileyin: Thank God you remind me Agatha, I’ve always been begging him to come to my house but he has always refused so today na today you must go with me. During all this conversation I noticed that Bolanle didn’t say anything, she was just forcing out laughter which shows that she was not happy. 

I said finally this girl don spoil my show. as we were going I noticed that Bolanle was not happy at all. Then she said bye and I was like 

Me: ain’t you going home again? 
Bolanle: I’m going to my mother’s shop. Timileyin: is that the road to her shop? you this girl ehn I will tell your mum that you are now having boyfriends. As Timileyin said this I knew that Bolanle was not comfortable anymore that’s why she just needed to spare herself the torture of witnessing how Timileyin and I was playing our love because as at that time she opted to go to her mum’s shop which was a lie, I was holding my hand across Timileyin’s waist as she was the one who put my hand there that’s absolutely not my wish. 

So I could read jealousy on Bolanle’s face as I pretended as if I didn’t notice her. 

I actually felt her pain cos it pains more than how it pained her. We were still on our way when Timileyin pointed to a guy coming directly from opposite us that he was his brother I was shocked and afraid that I had to remove my hand from her waist so as to avoid her brother’s wrought. 

But I was surprised by her action....

To Be Continued....

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