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STORY TIME: ("Always Ready" _ EPISODE 03)

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Prompting you the best..... 

The way she spoilt my show this time, I was shock that chai see the system this girl uses to take over my life in the school chai. 

I was dumb founded that I don’t know what to do or say but all I did was just to laugh as I can’t find any word to express myself so I just have to accept it like that as I don’t know how to defend myself and some people who have been noticing the advances she had been making would say things like

‘gbam e don happen’

‘I talk am say this people na husband and wife’ some even went to the extent of saying that because I used to lecture them that I’m using that opportunity to take advantage of them. 

But I don’t care bcos I have a lot of things ahead of me, but the thing is paining me because I’m also having plans to woo some of them secretly including Bolanle and all the people I’ve found interest in were present there. ‘chai see f--k up’ I cursed within. 

Just after that drama happened about two days later Bolanle started making advances also and I wonder if she was not the person that was sitting opposite when the drama happened as she would call me romantic names like

‘My intelligent husband’
‘My dearest love’
‘Love of my life’. 

Though I was not bothered as I always think that girls are deceitful. So this went on but I’m surprised that this Timileyin of a girl will not let me rest ooo. 

She will always force me to follow her to her house which I declined though we ply the same road but her house is trekable but mine is very far to the extent that I was given the Immunity to close 30 before the closing as to get home b4 7pm. 

But I have not been making use of my immunity so as to accomplish some of my plans which is now gradually crashing. 

When this disturbance is getting too much I decided to start making use of my immunity so as to keep Timileyin’s relationship at arm’s length so as to let that mentality wash off her brain but instead it was getting more intense. 

What am I supposed to do now? Of course I don’t know what to do so I decided to start avoiding her so as to kill that feelings she have for. 

Though I also have feelings for her but 60% of that feeling died the day she sat on my lap. oooh I forgot to tell you guys, that was the drama she performed that day ooo. 

Though she had nice curves beautiful face nice dimples but she’s too forward. 

So as I was saying the more I avoid her the more she comes closer and the more it get complicated, though bimpe was still acting her role which I didn’t know what she was up to. 

But this Timileyin is pulling weight ooo. Even Agatha will start saying things like
‘Enny you can’t even greet me’

‘Or ur wife say you should not greet any girl again’ But I don’t have reply so, all I did was just laugh laugh and laugh.

But there’s something this Timileyin of a girl did which shocked me.

To Be Continued....

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