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STORY TIME: ("Always Ready" _ EPISODE 02)

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Prompting you the best..... 

The experience went on stable for close to two months until one of the girls who made advance decided to confront me directly I would say semi-directly because it showed in her behavior directly but did not confront verbally. 

Her name is Timileyin. This girl is pretty no doubt but she’s too forward that I don’t like about her but she has nice curves perfect shape and her beauty also compliments it. 

I like her but I still see them as my junior so I find it difficult to adapt to the girls especially.

I noticed this a very long time that this girl have been making advances but I just decided to keep shut and pretend as if I know nothing about it. As a sharp guy you have to watch the situation very well. 

This observation went on for about a week to the extent that there was a day I was helping some girls out as usual as they have made it their habit to come to meet me and prefer me than their head girl because it’s obvious that she used to make jest of them indirectly. 

The head girl will even order me to come like she’s ordering for food, at first I will decline but one of my friend will tell me to obey that if I fail to obey that I would be asked to sweep the whole SS 3 class so I have no choice than to obey. 

Back to this Timileyin matter, there was a day that I was having my usual sessions with about three girls which I was even planning to hook up with one of them (Bolanle) then Timileyin came with a book so I concluded that maybe she’s interested in the lecture on her way to where we were sitting, she branched another seat so I was relieved so that she will not come and perform her usual stunt she used to so as not to spoil my plan with this new catch. 

Soon I look up again and I noticed that she’s coming towards our seat, this time with no book so I began to wonder what is this girl up to? 

I just ignored her until she came to our seat and I was massively surprised at the system she used to spoil my show that day that I became the topic of the day throughout the remaining periods of school.

To Be Continued....

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