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This Vaginal Infection Can Ruin Your Relationship And Sex Life.

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Yeast infection is a very common form of vaginal infection that most ladies have to deal with. Some more often than others. It is an infection that is caused by change in the vaginal pH balance, due to the excess growth of a yeast bacteria.
In normal quantities, this bacteria is good for the vagina. But sometimes it is increased due to the moistness of the area.
So what’s the issue
When this increase occurs it leads to an infection. The thing is, not all women show symptoms so some people might have it and not know. When yeast infection shows symptoms, it can be quite difficult to live with. In some cases, it can last a while and greatly affect your sex life and diminish intimacy in relationships.
Yeast infection
(Photo: Nairaland)
The itching
The itching that comes from getting this infection is like no other. Most of us have heard the term “scratching sweety”, well this can be a lot worse than that sometimes and can become an embarrassment when out in public with your significant other. Men who don’t understand it might even think it’s an STD.
The pain
Yeast infections can make sex a very painful experience, Some of the symptoms are soreness and a bruised feeling in the area. It can sometimes be as bad as a painful lower abdomen during sex that extends will hours after. This is guaranteed to put a kink in the chemistry between you two.
Yeast Infection
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General irritability
When women suffer yeast infections it comes with a general uncomfortable feeling. Continuous discharge, stickiness and an overall sense of a less than hygienic vaginal con sometimes make even the most level headed lady irritable.
What to do
Wearing cotton underwear is always the go to, because it helps prevent overheating down there and absorbs moisture. Another thing is to avoid wearing tight trousers if you have the infection more commonly, so that the area can breathe and get fresh air. Over the counter drugs usually work to treat it, but in extreme cases please see a doctor.


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