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Getting A Job You Love Is Possible. Here’s How To Do It.

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Some people believe that it’s not possible to get a job you actually love and that all we can do is endure through jobs we don’t like, just so we can earn a living.
We beg to differ. Most people don’t really try, they just settle for any job. But you don’t have to be like that. Here’s how to get a job you love:
1. Identify your interests
What kind of job would you like? Don’t say that you’re fine with any job either. A lot of unemployed people say that when they’re job hunting, but this probably reduces your rate of actually getting answers from the people you’re asking. Being specific is the rule of the game. If you can’t identify a specific job title, write down your interests, and do some research on the kind of industries that require such skills/interests. Start by asking yourself this question – what would you do if money wasn’t a problem?
2. Update your LinkedIn profile
LinkedIn can be a treasure trove! Update your LinkedIn profile and start to search for jobs in the industries you’ve specified. Start applying! Your search will prompt LinkedIn to send similar job suggestions your way, but in figuring out how to get a job you love, you’ll also need to do lots of searching yourself.
how to get a job you love
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3. Tell people
Tell people around you the kind of job you’re looking for and the kind of industry you want to work in. If you feel shy, ignore those feelings, please. If you know people that work in that industry, then it’s even better. Tell them, remind them every once in a while, but do not bug them. No one likes that. This is also key because a referral is more likely to get you the job than a random application.
4. Sign up on job sharing websites
Again, being specific helps you here. Sign up on sites like Jobberman, specify your interests, and start applying for jobs.
5. Set up Google Alerts
Google Alerts will notify you when a job with the keywords you specify is posted on the web. It’s an extremely useful resource. Here’s how to set up Google Alerts.
how to get a job you love
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