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Make Your Perfumes Last Longer On You With These Simple Tips.

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make your perfumes last longer

Very few things beat the alluring scent of your favourite perfume. By all means we want our fragrance to linger long after we’ve left the room.
Not just that, there’s no point spending money on a good perfume if it won’t even stay on you past midday! So if you want your perfumes to last longer on you, we’ve got you:
1. Moisturize Your Skin First
Did you know that perfumes last longer on normal/oily skins than on dry skins? If you have dry skin, it’s a good idea to moisturize your skin first before applying your perfume. Unscented lotions (you could use Vaseline) are better to avoid fragrances clashing.
2. Apply On Pulse Points
You’ve probably heard this one before and it’s true. Spraying your perfume on your pulse points will make the fragrance last longer on your body. The chart below will help.
make perfumes last longer
(Photo: Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan.com)
3. Buy The Right Formula
With perfumes, snag the right formula. Eau De Parfums (EDPs) last longer on the body than Eau De Toilettes (EDTs). That’s because EDPs have more oil content in them and so they’re able to bind to your skin and clothes better. EDTs on the other hand are more water based so they tend to evaporate pretty quickly.
4. Don’t Rub Your Wrists Together
Most people are guilty of this. Rubbing your wrists together after applying your perfume actually breaks down the formula and causes the fragrance to evaporate quickly. So please, resist the urge to rub your wrists together.
make your perfumes last longer
(Photo: theglamedition.com)
5. Apply Right After You Shower
Spraying your perfume as soon as you get out of the shower really helps because your wet skin provides moisture which the perfume needs, to stick to your skin.
6.To Make Your Perfumes Last Longer On You, Try Layering
Layering your perfume works wonders in getting it to last long. If you bought shower gels and lotions with your perfume in a gift box, don’t give them out! They’re useful. Bathing with the shower gel provides the first layer of fragrance. After showering, applying the lotion to your body provides the second level of fragrance. When you finally spray the perfume, it has an already scented base to stick to so the fragrance lasts a lot longer than it ordinarily would have.
make your perfumes last longer
(Photo: Claroshop.com)
7. Show Your Hair Some Love, Spray It!
Surprised right? Some experts say that the hair actually holds fragrance better than the skin does. But DO NOT spray perfume directly into your hair. Instead, spray your hair brush with your perfume and run it through your hair. Or just spritz your perfume in the air and walk through immediately. The mist will settle nicely on your hair.
8. Store Them Properly
Perfumes need to be stored in a cool and dry place for them to work well. Keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight and generally warm places. Did you know that carrying your perfume around in your bag is bad for it? Yes it is! All that movement breaks down the formula and weakens the fragrance!
make your perfumes last longer
(Photo: fragrancecellar.com)

Credit: lifestyle.ng

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