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Easy Ways To Maintain Natural Hair; Haircare Tips For The Lazy Woman.

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Maintaining natural hair is a lot of work! Is there anything natural that isn’t? There are so many products and prescribed routines for healthy, non-shedding natural hair and we’re hooking you up with easy ones.
We know not all of us have the will and time to cater to the special needs of our hair so quick fixes are always our best bet. We will be sharing with you quick, tested and easy ways to maintain natural hair.
Water (e no get enemy)
Natural Hair Care Tips To Help You Slay Even When It's Raining!
(Photo: RewardMe)
Yes the words of Fela remain true. Water is indeed your body’s friend. Water is essential for healthy hair, both topical and oral intake. Consistently use water to detangle knots. Never comb your hair when it’s dry but sprinkle some water on it to make it a little damp. This softens and separate tangles which makes it easier to run through with a comb.
Moisturize your hair
honeymoon emergency kit
(Photo: blacknaps)
Damp hair is best when doing treatment of oils and creams. Damp hair absorbs these treatments unlike dry hair which wouldn’t let them penetrate. With your hair cuticles open, oil and creams will garner better results and leave you with softer and glossy hair.
Regular Trims
Learn How To Trim 4C Natural Hair For Healthy & Juicy Coils!
(Photo: YouTube via Tomi Alisha)
Over time, hair ends break because they are weak and damaged. Trimming reduces the breakage to improve hair length and growth. Regular scissors should not be used for trimming as it could further damage your hair. Hair shears are better for trimming. Remember you are cutting just the ends of your hair.
Wash and Condition
How To Wash Textured Hair & Get The Best Results!
(Photo: YouTube/Chizi Duru)
Natural hair has a tendency to get dry quickly, therefore, one of the easy ways to maintain natural hair is to wash with shampoo once a week. Note that too much washing leaves the hair dry which often leads to breakage. A deep conditioning should follow after every wash. Focus on the brittle ends and leave it on for  a few minutes to restore moisture before washing out. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to enhance moisture retention.
Is Castor Oil The Best Oil In The World? Our Thoughts + All The Beauty Benefits Of Castor Oil
(Photo: StylishLee)
One of the easy ways to maintain natural hair is to invest in oils. We agree that water is important but oils are ‘importanter’. They seal in moisture and keep your hair from drying out and being frizzy. Oils differ in function. Avocado, olive and coconut oil penetrate shaft and hydrate while jojoba oil seals in moisture.

Credit: lifestyle.ng

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