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MTN Officially Revealed Its Data Calculator For Estimating Your Data Usage.

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MTN which is one of the best telecoms in Nigeria has successfully provided a better means for its millions of subscribers to have a unique opportunity to monitor their monthly internet data usage on online activities, as directed by the industry’s regulator, National Telecommunication Company, NCC, MTN has officially unveiled it Data Usage Calculator!

We all know that for us to come on the internet requires mobile data if not Wi-Fi and this needs to be monitored over time each and every day, although we've already gotten something similar in keeping up with your internet data usage on Globacom network.
But with the MTN Data Calculator, this will give its users some of the knowledge they need to know about how they use their internet mobile data each and every day with an estimated total monthly report of the data usage for better usage and knowing what plan will be able to sort their needs when next they are buying a data plan due to the estimated report of the MTN Data Calculator.

Each time you surf the web, like send and receive emails, shopping online, stream music or videos, reading news, download stuff, engage in social media activities (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc), game online (Candy Crush, Scrabble etc) and other internet activities, you consume data.

You’ll be able to determine the total number of data you require within the month based on your data calculation on the website.

MTN said 1 minutes surfing on the web is equated to 1MB, 1Minute on social media (posting and commenting) is equated to 4MB etc.

Where / How To GetMTN Data Calculator
To get this calculator, Simply visit https://www.mtnonline.com/data-calculator. and you're good to go.

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