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Shine Your Eyes o! Na Scam!! || Aruwaab9ja

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In the world today Fraud is no stranger.

Everyone has either heard or read a story of how people are being swindled or deceived to provide some personal details or invest and get a huge sum in return.

Fraud comes in diverse ways, but many share comparable and similar traits.

Over time, with the commonly received cases and fraud scenarios, Aruwaab9ja has been able to outline important fraud patterns being used and yet to be reviewed;


Identifying a fraudster is tricky, but one thing that is for sure is, they make you feel comfortable and sound very convincing when demanding for their key elements;

What are the common details these fraudsters request for?

- OTP (One Time Password) 👉 your One Time Password should never be released nor given to anyone not even a staff or official.

- PIN (Personal Identification Number) 👉 your Personal Identification Number should be kept personal at all costs, your PIN is meant for you and you alone.

- BVN (Bank Verification Number) 👉 your Bank Verification Number should never in any case be given verbally or in text. Opening an account with any financial institutions request that you provide your BVN as regularized by CBN.

Legit Financial Institutions will never demand any of the above details from you, please stay woke and keep your money safe as Aruwaab9ja Blog is Warning Now!! 😅 😅.

Other elements to identify fraudsters;

- Money doubling investment programs (invest 10k get 50k within seconds), do not let yourself be swindled into the thought of saving a little amount and getting double or triple in minutes. Legit Financial Institutions isn’t into any money doubling investment programs.

- Links sent to your email, Link can be sent to your email stating your account will be blocked within 24hours if you do not click on the link. In cases like this, please call or chat up your various support channels for verification.

Phone calls requesting for your personal details,  Phone calls are very common these days, do not fall victim of these fraudsters, just because they got your number isn’t enough reason to give out your personal details.

Fake social media pages without the blue tick badgePlease only follow and get information from trusted verified social media channels, any social media page without or with the verification badge doesn’t belong to the rightful owner, it might be Hacked (That is common these days). Please stay clear of these pages and social media accounts.

How to avoid fraud
➔Do not communicate with any social media page that is not blue ticked or verified.
➔Do not give out your OTP, password or transaction PIN to anyone claiming to be any Financial Institutions Staff or Officials representative.
➔Do not respond to calls or messages from fraudsters claiming to be any Financial Institutions Staff or Officials representative.
➔Do not pay money to any one claiming to be any Financial Institutions Staff or Officials representative with the promise of fast tracking your Services or Forms of given help.

How to report a Fraudulent Case
➔ Call your customer support hotline, if your mind is not at rest due to scammers traits.
➔ Send an immediate email to your Financial Institution.

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