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Cybersecurity 101: Why You Should Never Rely on Antivirus Software Alone. || Aruwaab9ja

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Computer viruses are a serious concern. Depending on what kind of virus they are, these computer programs can be used to launch a series of attacks.

Sometimes, they only delete all the files on your computer. Some of them are coded to creep from your computer into all others on the same network to infect them. We have also heard of those viruses that will stay silent on your computer till they are ready to be deployed.

Combating them is the major reason why antivirus and antimalware software are in the market today. However, they are not enough to fully protect you against cyber threats.

Where Antivirus Won’t Work

Hackers are getting increasingly sophisticated as they take new approaches to their attacks.

Public and free Wi-Fi networks, for one, have a known flaw due to their lack of encryption. This will allow a hacker to snoop on users of such a network to see what they are doing on the internet. These hackers can also hijack user conversations, impersonating one side of the conversation to breach the other user.

Called man-in-the-middle attacks, they are just one of a series of new attacks plaguing online users.

Phishing scams have grown in size and popularity that there is almost no hack that does not involve them. Preying on the trust of victims and compromising communication channels, hackers use phishing to carry out some of the biggest scams known to man.

All that, and we have not even discussed the place of brute force attacks, hybrid attacks, and dictionary hacks, among others.

If all this tells us anything, it is that antivirus software won’t get all the work done.

Ensuring Better Security

It would be best if you always had an antivirus software on your computer. They might not be able to get all of the security work done, but that does not mean they should not be used anyways. After all, there are increasing cases of malware in apps, programs, and other files we download via the internet.

It is recommended that you have a password manager to help protect against normal hacks. The password manager will encourage you to have a unique password for each of the accounts on your roster.

Some password managers also feature an in-built password generator which creates some of the strongest passwords you can ever use. It would take several years to crack some of these passwords.

A simple VPN download can also be the difference between internet network safety and exploitation. Knowing how your connection can be compromised in man-in-the-middle attacks, you are best protected when you layer all connections over a VPN.

Even if you were connected to public Wi-Fi, your data would be encrypted on the network.


Always remember to update your device and apps/ programs as soon as you get the notification to do so. These updates will usually come with fixes and patches for bugs and exploits that could be used to hack you. When you stay updated, you never have to worry about such issues.

Credit: Thetechfools.com


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