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Nigerian Landlady Threatens Curvy Tenant Over The Size Of Her Huge B*tt. || Aruwaab9ja

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A Nigerian lady has gotten one of the weirdest form of warnings from her landlady, as she was warned over her backside by the house owner. The young Nigerian lady identified as ID James took to social media to reveal why her landlady allegedly warned her to stop wearing trousers while she’s within the compound.

According to her, the reason for that is ‘because her backside is said to be distracting the landlord (the woman’s husband)’. Well, as a respectful lady, she has decided not to wear trousers in the compound again. See what she wrote on Facebook; “My landlady almost cried yesterday when she said I should stop wearing trousers while am within the compound, That my backyard is always distracting her husband. As a respectful girl, let me start wearing my skirts before person Papa go die o…”

Despite laws and guidance that promote positive landlord-tenant relationships, sometimes personalities get in the way of smart business practices (and common human decency) that create situations where a tenant feels threatened or harassed by their landlord. Landlord harassment is when a landlord or property manager willingly creates a situation where a tenant feels uncomfortable, so uncomfortable that they wish to move or terminate a lease agreement. Landlord harassment and tenant harassment are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to a tenant feeling harassed by their landlord. Harassing a tenant with the intention of making their living situation so uncomfortable they want to move or terminate a lease agreement is illegal.

Getting accused of harassment is a serious issue that a landlord should not take lightly. If you find yourself butting heads with your tenant, as long as your tenant is not violating any lease terms, you have to let them live in the property throughout the duration of the lease. Both renters and landlords need to be aware of what constitutes true harassment.

Here is an overview of what is not acceptable behavior and what could be considered as harassment:
Taking away services provided in the lease
Shutting of utilities for the purpose of harassment or eviction
Entering an apartment without proper notice
Changing the locks while a tenant is away
Performing unnecessary inspections, too often or at extremely inconvenient times for the tenant, like the middle of the night

Lying or intimidating a tenant
Giving a “three-day notice” or other eviction notice that is based on false charges
Using fighting words or threatening bodily harm
Refusing to do repairs that are required by law
Intentionally disturbing a tenant’s peace and quiet
Interfering with a tenant’s right to privacy
Refusing to acknowledge receipt of a lawful rent payment

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