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Unblock Your Website URL Blocked by Facebook (Must Read)

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Facebook warning original

Whether a message or a post, Facebook will not allow you to post your link. Many have brushed it off, thinking it is a minor error, this is not the right reaction. If you have seen the message that "The link contains blocked content or it is reported spammy by others" and it is in error, you are one of the hundreds of websites that were blocked by Facebook. Follow these steps to unblock your website URL blocked by Facebook

A website getting blocked by the largest social networking site through which most plan to increase their site's traffic is a hard hit, but there are solutions. Do not hesitate to search around for help, be it on Google or on Facebook support, but it is challenging to find a sure fire way to get your site linked back on Facebook. We recommend you use Facebook's URL debugging tool. Also, report the mistaken block through the Facebook support tool. 

When our webmasters post on other social networks, such as Twitter there has been no error. According to Facebook, the blocks are against websites that are being blacklisted or categorized as Malicious and Phishing by antivirus companies such as McAfee Site advisor, Trend Micro, Sucuri etc.


Here is what to do

Step 1

Write to Facebook and appeal the blocked links to your website. Write to facebook to appeal here. The information you will need is pictured in the image to the right.

Step 2

Wait a few days for Facebook's response. If your site is still blocked then you should scan your website link on the Antivirus companies websites. Try these links to scan your sites for free:

Step 3

  • If your site is marked safe : write to Facebook again to claim that they have mistakenly blocked the link. Remember that writing only once will not provoke a response to Facebook. So write 3-4 times a day until they unblock it.
  • If your site is marked dangerous : then make corrections. Find out if your site contains any malicious links or codes and then clean them up. Then request for the antivirus company that has blacklisted you to reclassify your site.

Step 4

When you have done all that is necessary, write to Facebook to claim that they have mistakenly blocked the link. If everything is ok with your site according to Facebook, they should unblock in less than 24 hrs.
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