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The ultimate driver of your marketing is your market.

Prompting you the best..... 

The ultimate driver of your marketing is your market. The best markets are those that already have momentum, where people are looking for solutions to a specific issue or a way to obtain a significant desire.

Internet marketing expert Dean Jackson has said that there are three main “levers” that motivate people to take action to purchase your product:

1. Pain and urgency: People have a big problem and they’re looking for a solution to fix it.

2. “Dimes for Dollars”: People are willing to invest time and money in order to make a lot more money.

3. Irrationally passionate: These are the enthusiasts, hobbyists and fanatics, such as people who dress their dog up in outfits, need every fitness gadget or travel to Star Trek conventions.

If you’re considering a new market, does it fit into these categories? If not, can you re-tool your product or service to be more in line with a big problem or passion that fits these criteria? 


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