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The ultimate driver of your marketing is your market.

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The ultimate driver of your marketing is your market. The best markets are those that already have momentum, where people are looking for solutions to a specific issue or a way to obtain a significant desire.

Internet marketing expert Dean Jackson has said that there are three main “levers” that motivate people to take action to purchase your product:

1. Pain and urgency: People have a big problem and they’re looking for a solution to fix it.

2. “Dimes for Dollars”: People are willing to invest time and money in order to make a lot more money.

3. Irrationally passionate: These are the enthusiasts, hobbyists and fanatics, such as people who dress their dog up in outfits, need every fitness gadget or travel to Star Trek conventions.

If you’re considering a new market, does it fit into these categories? If not, can you re-tool your product or service to be more in line with a big problem or passion that fits these criteria? 


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