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Still confuse if to buy a kindle or keep buying books.

Prompting you the best..... 

A whole lot of people keep asking the question should i buy a kindle or keep buying books, personally i use to feel such a question cannot be given just a simple answer of yes or no, as answers to such a question are mostly subjective and objective statements.

Why you should buy a kindle
  1. Starting from cost, yes e books are cheaper than paper books even though its just a few dollar cheaper that over a long time can add up to be a big sum.
  2. Free books are available on kindle, perhaps there are thousands available daily for free download and that changes mostly every week, so you always get the chance to get free ebooks.
  3. Space and portability is one advantage most people consider as it helps eliminate the need to keep books tidy in the house and also space in the house as some people suffers space on their book shelve for new books. for travelers who love to read, they end up carrying extra bags and paying more for their luggage as books are bulky and heavy.
  4. Instant access to books, when you buy a book on kindle it is instantly available for you this is not the case with physical books as for me it will take almost a week to get a book delivered to me from my favorite store.
  5. E-books can easily be shared as i and my fiance uses same amazon account, all my purchased books are available to her and vice versa no matter where i am.
  6. As amazon prime member you can borrow books on your kindle and return them back after reading for up to a month without having to pay for them.
  7. Finally books are made from trees and for books to be made trees have to be fallen, so for this reason alone i think we all should embrace ebooks.
What do you think?

If you have other reasons you can post and i will add

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learn how to create animation video

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