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How to Protect Your Computer from Keyloggers.

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Keyloggers have been a major problem today as it does not require any prior knowledge of computers to use it. So, it is often used by hackers to steal passwords, credit card numbers and other confidential data from your computer. Below are some methods through which you can protect your computer from keyloggers:

1. Use a Good Antivirus

This is the first and the basic step that you need to take in order to protect your computer from keyloggers and other online threats. Use a good antivirus such as Kaspersky, Norton or McAfee and update it regularly.

2. Use a Good Antispyware

If you are a frequent Internet user, then you could be exposed to a number of spywares on a regular basis. Since keylogger is basically a spyware, it is better to install a good antispyware program. Make sure that the antivirus and the antispyware you use do not conflict with each other.

3. Antilogger can be Handy

Antiloggers are the programs that detect the presence of keyloggers on a given computer. Over the past few years, I have tested a lot of anti-logging programs and have found Zemana Antilogger as the best one.
Normally, a keylogger can easily be detected by a good antivirus program, but hackers may use some methods such as hexing, binding or crypting to make it harder for the antivirus program to detect it. In this case, Zemana Antilogger comes handy as this program is specially designed to protect your PC against harmful keyloggers.
Zemana Antilogger

4. Online Scanning

When ever you receive a suspicious file, you scan it with online scanners such as Multi engine antivirus scanner which scans your file with 24 popular antivirus engines and reports it back to you if the file is recognized as a virus or spyware. This ensures that none of the malicious programs can escape from being detected as there are 24 different antivirus engines involved in the scanning process.

5. Use Sandboxie

Sandboxie is another great program to help you protect your computer against harmful keyloggers and spywares. Sandboxie runs your computer in an isolated space which prevents your program from making permanent changes to other programs in your computer.
When ever you receive a file that looks suspicious, just run the program with Sandboxie so that, you can test it without the risk of making permanent changes to your computer.
To run a program in Sandboxie, follow the steps as mentioned below:
  1. Open the Sandboxie tool and click on sandbox menu on the top.
  2. Now go to Default sandbox.
  3. Then click on run any program.
  4. Now select the file you wish to run in sandboxie and click open.

6. Keyscrambler

Keyscrambler is one of the best program that offers protection against keyloggers. It is a small program which encrypts your keystrokes so that, even if your computer has a keylogger installed on it, only the encrypted keystrokes are captured by the keylogger and not the actual ones.
The free version of Keyscrambler currently supports Firefox, IE and a few other applications. However its premium version supports more than 160 applications.


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