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See the 5 Types Of Pants To Update Your Wardrobe With.

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Boring pant days are gone! We are about to make you consider reasons why you need pants with revamped styles in your wardrobe.
Next to jeans, pants are really easy to pair and they get you on-the-go real fast. But that doesn’t mean they should be plain or boring. This is why we think to add edgy details yourself or buying new cool ones might be a good idea. You can take cues from our options below…
Button-down Pants
(Photo: Instagram / Og_styletemple)
To give your pants a stand-out vibe, you could cop one with simple button-down detail. It could be one with a slit sealed with buttons or you could just try DIY by randomly scattering buttons around the pants. Either one is going to turn out nice – you can trust us on that!
Fringe Pants
(Photo: Instagram / Musesuniform)
Fringe on any piece will give it an instant oomph making you rock the piece effortlessly. However, in order to keep your pants looking edgy yet pass for your everyday event, we suggest the fringe right at the hem.
Side Detailed Pants
(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)
Colourful stripes at the side of the pants is always a quick way to give a distinct look to your pants. So if you are the type that likes to keep things minimal, this option is for you.
Lace Pants
(Photo: Instagram / Lorettahove)
Traditionally in an outfit, the top would be made out of lace but now, fashionistas are switching lace to the bottom. From the outfits we have seen, we think that it gives a whole new edgy feel to the looks.
Caged Pants
(Photo: Instagram / Onyiibekeh)
Pants with cage details are edgy and sultry and the skin-baring detail will make the piece the star of any outfit.
Which piece will you be adding to your wardrobe? Do let us know in the comment section!

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