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Royal Medical University got ‘Missing’ and the Slay Queen is in Kabwe with a rich married man.

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Royal Medical University ‘Missing’ Slay Queen is in Kabwe with a rich married man

Chansa Chomee Mutale, Clinical Medicine Student at Royal Medical University in Kalundu, Lusaka was last seen on Saturday 23/03/19 at East Park Mall Chicago’s wearing a yellow dress with brown tights..
She was reported missing and people suspected that she could be dead. She has been spotted in Kabwe at a named lodge with a ministry of health director who is married with 5 children in Lusaka.
Meanwhile, Don Kunda Luchanga has wirtten;
If I knew she’s this stupid I would not have wasted my time, energy and bundles posting about her missing. Imagine she’s alive and had been in Kabwe with some dude uwa Kasaka kandalama all this long. I just called her a few minutes ago and she had the guts to cut my call even before I could tell her the reason I called.
Very stupid koswe!!!!


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