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Omoni Oboli Shares Her Secret To Flat Abs, And It’s Easier Than You Think.

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Actress Omoni Oboli recently shared a picture of herself looking super trim and gorgeous. Then she gave her fans one more treat. She revealed how she has not only been able to get flat abs but managed to keep it that way.
Her process is actually not that complicated. It all boils down to eating the right things at the right time. Omoni Oboli’s secret to flat abs is one that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. And we were able to learn four major lessons from her tips.
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My secret to flat abs: I did a smoothie only diet for 4 days and lost some weight and my stomach got a lot flatter in the process. Following that, for now, I have just one meal a day around lunch time. I have my tea and smoothie for breakfast, I can either have smoothie again for dinner or just have some carrots or apples with a handful of nuts. These are some of the things I have done over the years to get back my pre child bearing abs… The first thing is discipline! 1: First thing I drink when I wake up in the morning is a glass of warm water with lemon. (I always squeeze the juice of my lemon in my tea or water before throwing it in. Who else does that? 🤣) 2: My green tea: I have my green tea every morning. I squeeze in some lemon or lime, add 2 spoonfuls of Apple cider vinegar (with the mother in it) and some ginger juice. You can add some honey (honey is actually beneficial to the body) 3: I don’t eat as much carbs as a lot if you think I do. The people around me will testify to that. There are times that I am bad and I go on a carbs spree but I caution myself early and make restitutions. 4: I try never to eat carbs at night. Carbs make you bloat in the morning so stay away from them at night. Long and continuous consumption of carbs at night will lead to an extended stomach. 5: I use vegetables and some nut flours to make swallow. (I like my soups and I don’t like just licking them) So I make almond swallow, cauliflower, cabbage, egg plant or even carrot swallow. See next post for video on how to make one of them. 6: I drink lots of water and fresh juices. Carrot juice is particularly good for the skin. I mix it with ginger and celery (most times). 7: I drink other types of tea during the day apart from green tea. Some of my favorites are mint, rooibos tea and camomile at night. 8: Exercise is very important not just for weight loss but for your health and general well being so don’t forget to exercise but 80% of weight loss or staying trim is done in your kitchen! I would tell you the benefits of these foods and drinks I take but the post will be too long so google is your friend 😉 I will share more tips with you another time. You’re welcome 🙏
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1. Eating carbs at the right time
As you may have noticed from her post, Omoni never said she completely ditched carbs to gain her perfect figure. All she did was choose the right times to eat them. For example, the actress says she won’t carbs so close to bedtime as it could cause bloating. And it’s also not recommended to fill up too much right before bed.
2. Her morning routine
If you’re the type to immediately go searching for a big meal to gorge on as soon as you wake up in the morning, you may want to try this tip. Omoni says she drinks some green tea when she wakes up in the morning. If you’re not a fan of the taste, you can do as she does and add some lemon or lime. She also adds two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar to her drink. The point is to ease your body into your first meal of the day. And a cup of tea is not only refreshing, but it can also calm down those hunger pangs until you can make a healthier meal choice.
3. The swallow trick
A lot of the carbs we eat come from our Semovita, garri and other types of swallow. But as Omoni confesses, while she loves the soup, she understands that pairing it with some of this starchy swallow-meals can defeat her ab goals. So she gets creative. She makes her swallow meals out of nut flours like almond, cauliflower, eggplant or even carrots.
4. She never quits
Here’s the thing, it can be tough to follow these rules every single day. You’ll probably fall off the wagon sometimes. But if you follow the actress’ advice. You should do just fine. She reveals that she may binge on carbs on some days but she makes sure she gets back on track when that happens. So don’t beat yourself up too much if you deviate from your meal plans. Just keep going.
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