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Kogi Unpaid Salary: Ortom’s Reelection Brightens Yahaya Bello’s 2nd Term Chances.

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The celebration of Governor Samuel Ortom’s re-election in Benue state by members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi state may be the needed spark to rekindle the boldness of Governor Yahaya Bello’s supporters to stand up for his re-election later this year.
Already, some Nigerians have said that Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state must be reelected for second term, as long as his “salary owing colleague” in Benue state, Samuel Ortom has just won his reelection.
While some have asked that Ortom should not be classified with someone like Yahaya Bello, because he stood for his own people, when they were being massacred, others argue that there’s no difference between the two.
The open celebration of Ortom’s electoral victory by his party loyalists in Kogi state has raised serious argument among commentators across the state who cited double standards.
The major campaign against Bello’s re-election is his penchant for haphazard salary payment. He has tried in vain to confuse Nigerians on the true state of workers salary in the state. His multi-million Naira adverts did little to divert people’s attention from his shortcomings.
However, Bello is not the only governor in Nigeria that have issues with unpaid salaries. He is a wonderful governor when compared to former governor of Osun state, Rauf Aregbesola and Ortom of Benue state.
The recent re-election of Ortom, despite owing backlogs of workers salary is a cheering news for supporters of Bello in Kogi. If Ortom can win, why will Bello’s case be different?
Angered by Ortom’s victory, some Kogi residents are already expressing readiness to vote for Bello to serve out his constitutionally allowed two terms as governor.
Samuel Ortom re-elected by Benue people. Please nobody should come here and call Gov Yahaya Bello useless again. In fact I have starter canvassing for APC to give him their ticket and Kogi people have to get him re-elected.
To a friend, Leke Omole, Yahaya deserves a second term in office.
“If Ortom that hasn’t paid salaries for months can be re-elected, then Yahaya Bello deserves a 2nd Term. I’m not his fan but he should give it whatever it takes to come back,” he said.
Salahu Dalhatu wondered why same people who criticize Bello will turn around to celebrate Ortom’s victory.
“You can not applaud Samuel Ortom’s reelection in Benue in one breath, and then criticise my governor Yahaya Bello in another breath for owing salaries. No you can’t!”
For Nene Hawa, PDP members who are congratulating Ortom must be magnanimous enough to congratulate Bello when his wins his re-election later in the year.
“Those PDP members sending congratulations to Governor Samuel Ortom who didn’t pay salary. Samuel Ortom got re-elected despite owing several months salaries even with no infrastructure to showcase, yet they want me to believe that Yahaya Bello is the worst governor. Hopefully, you will keep the same energy when Yahaya Bello the white lion of Kogi state who also is not paying salary is re-elected too,” she reasoned.
In eight month’s time, Yahaya Bello will go through the gates of hell to avoid failing to win re-election like his brother in Bauchi state, Governor Abubakar but he can take solace in Ortom’s victory – the fact unpaid workers salary may not be enough reason to stop a Governor’s re-election.


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