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How To Reduce Shrinkage In Natural Hair.

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The one thing most naturalistas will probably agree on is that shrinkage can be really annoying. You want to show off your length but your hair just stays curled up on your scalp like it’s got a cold or something.

And since relaxers and heat tools are out of the question, you might be wondering how to reduce the shrinkage in your natural hair without damaging it. Well, we know how and you will too at the end of this article. You’re welcome!
1. Banding
This is a method that involves using small elastic hair bands to band the hair in bits. The result is stretched out hair.
Process: Wash, condition and moisturize your hair. While your hair is still damp, partition it into bits then starting at the root of the hair, wrap a hair band around it and continue till you get to the tips of the hair. Allow the hair to dry completely before taking out the hair ties and that’s it.
This video by Ashley Michelle will show you how it’s done.
2. Twist-Outs or braid-outs
Simply putting your hair into braids or twists can actually stretch it out pretty good. For best results, ensure your hair is clean and moisturized before you start.
You can do it overnight and unravel them the next morning but the longer the hair stays twisted and braided, the more stretched it’ll actually be.
3. Using flexi-rods
Flexi rods stretch out your hair and also gives you some curls. So two for the price of one! Here’s how to pull it off: Wash, condition and moisturize your hair. Partition your hair into bits and then starting from the tips, gently but firmly wrap each section around the flexi-rod and bend the flexi-rod to secure it.
Here is a video by Tierra J Beauty showing how it’s done.
4. African threading
This is a pretty effective way of stretching out your hair. Like the results are actually similar to a blowout using a hairdryer and it’s pretty easy to pull off.
This video by OnlyOneJess will show you the process.
Which of these methods have you tried and which worked best? Let us know in the comment section. 
(Featured image: curlynikki.com)
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