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5 Times Lilian Afegbai Earned Her Style Star Status In Prints!.

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Lilian Afegbai is such a style star! And the actress, producer, vlogger and entrepreneur has this proven time and time again. This time, she’s showing us how to wear prints in 5 fabulous looks!

Knowing how to wear prints can be very easy if you have the right teacher. You have to understand what colours to bring out and which to hide. And you need to grasp the concept of “too much is really too much“! To help you understand this, we’ve curated 5 outfits from Lilian to inspire and teach you. These looks range in colour and style so you can determine what works for you.
Lilian has so much more where that came from, and you can see them all here on her Instagram page. But for now, here are 5 looks to help you know how to wear prints
Look 1
We fell in love with this look immediately we saw it. This is a perfect example of complementing print. Here, Lilian picked a colour from her print top for her pants and also used the colours from the top to select shoes. The entire outfit ties together perfectly and is great for a nice Summer day!
Look 2
If you’re worried about messing things up you could always wear a matching set. This option gives you zero chances of screwing up your look and ensures you look great. This pyjama-inspired look from Noonnistics Fashion looks stylish and goes perfectly with heels.

Look 3

This is another fabulous example of wearing matching sets. This top and skirt is boho-chic and looks super comfortable. Always remember to pick colours that match your skin tone so you don’t look washed out.
Look 4
Now, if you’re thinking of rocking ankara, here’s a rule of thumb. Both prints must have at least 1 prominent colour in common. This common denominator makes the prints appear more similar than different. Here, Lilian’s common colour is yellow, and she toned down the look with black pumps. Yellow heels would’ve looked better, but this works too.
Look 5
And last but not least, when in doubt, wear a dress. If you think your outfit just doesn’t feel or look right, then maybe it’s not. We suggest wearing a print dress to make sure you hit all the right notes. We love this floral print dress and can’t help but wonder how it would look with red heels.
Well, that’s all folks – how to style prints. We have more for you in our fashion section, make sure you check it out!

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