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See the Best New Method To Get Free & Real USA Number In Nigeria.

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Getting a Free USA number is the best for calling your loved ones abroad at a cheaper and flexible rate.

In this tutorial, you will be acquainted on how to get FRE USA number in Nigeria for free without paying a penny.
Do you know that you can actually get FREE USA number for free without really traveling to the country abroad? Yes, you can do it with the help of this tutorial.
You may have asked, “What exactly is the benefit of using a USA Number?“. Of course, there are many benefits and I can beat my chest to give you the right answers.
1. For Privacy Reasons: You may want to hide your real phone number from frauds and other illegal stuffs on the internet.
2. Boast: After changing your number, you can decides to surprise your friends about your new number, especially when you send message to them with a USA number.
3. Low call rates.
4. Registration on WhatsApp and other social media apps you wish. It’s a real number. Let’s call it “Virtual number”.
5. There are many other reasons, it actually depend on what you decide to use it for.
Personally, I love to use my USA number for calling and doing other online stuffs that are hundred percent legit. I also love to hide my privacy from internet dragons and mosquitoes. Thank you for understanding.
Too much talk right? Let’s move to the main content on how to get free USA number.
There are many apps that helps you get this USA numbers for free and I will list them and provide step-by-step guides to help you.


TextPlus is my best app but the main problem is that your number can be assigned to someone else without your notice, only if you have claimed your number will they leave it for you.
Technically speaking, TextPlus numbers are for the public. They use it anyhow and dump it but I love TextPlus for one thing, they renew the numbers on daily basis.
My advice is that, if you decides to use your USA number for long, you shouldn’t opt for TextPlus but if you want to keep your phone number without any disturbances, move to my next list, Groove IP and skip TextPlus.
However, those who want to use TextPlus in getting their USA number can follow up.


STEP 1: Download TextPlus app via HERE, and note that you cannot download or see it on Playstore, if you are a Nigerian.
STEP 2: TextPlus app is restricted from Nigerians because Nigerians are using it for fraud and others, but hold on, we can bypass it with a VPN. Download Orbot VPN via HERE. It’s 100% free and there are no hidden charges.
STEP 4: Now, launch your Orbot VPN and tap on the “SETTINGS” (gear) icon at the bottom. Mark TextPlus app and toggle on the “VPN MODE” and tap on “START” button to connect as it reads in kb/s.
STEP 5: Launch your TextPlus app and tap on SIGNUP. Then, fill your username and password and tap on “SIGNUP” to register.
STEP 6: Now, choose an area in USA you wish to generate your number from and select the Area Code from the dropdown list and GO.
STEP 7: You will be congratulated with a USA number. You can decide to call with it or send and receive text messages.

NOTE: You must always call or perform any activities with it for the number not be assigned to someone else, and you must try to claim your number if you want it to stay forever with you.


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