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Postponed Elections: Political Obituary Of APC Is Certain – Melaye.

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The senator representing Kogi West senatorial District, Senator Dino Melaye while reacting to the postponement of the presidential and National Assembly elections slated for today by the INEC laughed as he said the the act was  simply an evidence of the envisaged failure of the ruling party, the APC.
According to Melaye, it is just a manifestation and revelation of the satanic agenda of the APC through the INEC.
“We cried as a party when the national security adviser to the president instructed that the elections must be postponed to avoid defeat, but the APC and presidency denied vehemently,  but now it has manifested. The truth of the matter is that, let the election be postponed a hundred times, the political obituary of APC is certain.
“The battle to redeem this country to rescue his country is a battle of no retreat no surrender and I want to say that it is the postponement of evil day for the APC.
“It is a postponement of the evil day for the APC and the celebration for the PDP.  Whatever date is fixed I want to assure you that the end of the APC has come and by the grace of God PDP will win this election any day, anytime.
“Atiku Abubakar will become the president of federal republic of Nigeria, I will return as a senator representing Kogi West senatorial District of Nigeria and I know that PDP will have majority in both chambers of the national assembly. So it’s a postponement of the evil day for them while it is a celebration for us and the celebration day will definitely come.
“The INEC hinging the postponement on logistics is funny because logistics is always a name given to the dysfunctional. 
“My message to our highly valued electorates is that they should not get discouraged. We know they are really bothered about the postponement my advice is that no one should be bothered no one should be disturbed the electorate should remain focused, resolute and keep your eyes on the ball. We are not going to be intimidated, we’re not going to be cowed not going to be afraid and I want to say that all the antiques and plans are exposed to us,” he said.


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