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LADIES! Check Out These Beautiful Coloured Hair Inspiration.

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Nigerian beauty vlogger Lola Ojetola, popularly known as Lola Oj, has got a thing for coloured hair and you can trust us when we say she rocks them in the best possible way. Lola is best known for her signature lowcut hairstyle which she slays like a pro but she is not one to stay tied down to one look; when she deviates, you can expect to see her rocking a fiercely coloured hairdo. The trained lawyer has never been boring with her beauty looks, constantly switching from one bold look to an even bolder one. From neon green to violet, Lola has rocked almost every colour on and off the rainbow. The hairstyles, though daring, are usually simple and classy.

She nails her looks with so much confidence and poise which makes her all the more inspiring. If you are yet to muster enough courage to join the coloured hair slay, well, you are at the right place! We have curated nine of Lola Oj’s best coloured hairstyles that just may inspire your next hair slay.


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