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Domestic violence has been a major reason for divorce in most countries and this has led to the death of those who were willing to endure until the very end. Sadly, a lady was sent to the afterlife after her husband laid hands on her.

A man identified as Laiko Osuri, has been arrested for allegedly beating his wife, Beryl Adhiambo Ouma, to death with a belt.
The unfortunate incident happened at their Kahawa Sukari home, Nairobi, Kenya According to neighbours who spoke to a local daily, the couple fought a lot but explained that they were the usual “husband and wife quarrels”.
On the fateful day, the deceased reportedly screamed for help for hours but nobody came to her aid.
Her father, Douglas Ouma said that his late daughter, Beryl Adhiambo Ouma, sent him a “Please Call Me” text on Wednesday night. But he tried to reach her, no one came to the phone.
“My daughter sent me a ‘Please call me’ but I was asleep so I did not hear the phone,” he is quoted by the daily.
Mr Osuri would later call him back and inform him that he and Adhiambo had had an argument.
Confirming the details was Ruiru divisional police commander James Ng’etich who noted that the suspect who is already in custody had admitted to assaulting the deceased using a belt.
 It is not always easy to identify if you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence or is in an abusive relationship. Violence and abuse are experienced in many different ways. Violence and abuse can include emotional abuse, sexual abuse and financial abuse.
Below is a list of signs of abuse. These behaviours are typical of the jealousy, possessiveness, put-downs, threats and violence that occur in domestic violence and abusive relationships. A woman may be experiencing abuse if a man in her life:
  • unfairly and regularly accuses her of flirting or being unfaithful
  • controls how she spends money
  • decides what she wears or eats
  • humiliates her in front of other people
  • monitors what she is doing, including reading her emails and text messages
  • discourages or prevents her from seeing friends and family
  • threatens to hurt her, the children or pets
  • physically assaults her (hitting, biting, slapping, kicking, pushing)
  • yells at her
  • threatens to use a weapon against her
  • constantly compares her with other people
  • constantly criticises her intelligence, mental health and appearance
  • prevents her from practising her religion.
What to do if you are in an abusive relationship
If you are in an abusive relationship, you can find help now.
How to support someone you know
Here are some ways you can support someone you know who has told you they are experiencing or have experienced violence:
  • believe the person
  • make sure they understand it is not their fault
  • listen without judging
  • be supportive, encouraging, open and honest
  • ask if they need help from a support service and discuss their options
  • help them get advice and support by calling 1800RESPECT or visiting their website
  • offer to go with the person if they meet with a support service
  • keep in touch with the person to see how they are going.
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