LADIES: Check Out Top 50 Brazilian Wool Hairstyles 2019 That Would Give You A Creative Look. - Aruwa_Ab 9ja Blog LADIES: Check Out Top 50 Brazilian Wool Hairstyles 2019 That Would Give You A Creative Look.

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LADIES: Check Out Top 50 Brazilian Wool Hairstyles 2019 That Would Give You A Creative Look.

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The hairstyle is one of the most important elements of our look. Different hair gives our appearance a different vibe every time we change a style. That is why Nigerian fashionistas love experimenting with their hair as much as they like to change clothes. New hair trends appear every season, but not all of them get as popular as Brazilian wool braids. You’ve definitely already seen some Brazilian wool hairstyles since these thick and luscious braids are impossible to miss. Here is your guide to Brazilian wool!

1. What exactly is Brazilian wool?

Any girl who’s ever worn braids knows that there are all kinds of materials that can be used to make the braids thicker and increase their quantity. Nigerian hairstylists especially love Marley, kanekalon, and other types of artificial hair – however, those materials often prove to be rather heavy. Brazilian wool styles became a welcome change for thousands of Nigerian girls who wanted to rock beautiful braids or twists but didn’t want to put additional strain on their own hair and scalp by wearing braids that are too heavy. Brazilian wool in Nigeria is so soft and lightweight that you’ll love wearing it from the first day.

brazilian wool hairstyles

 Brazilian wool in Nigeria

Brazilian wool styles

2. What is Brazilian wool made of?

Of course, you don’t want to wear wool braid hairstyles that are made from some unknown material or have an unclear origin. Luckily, it’s not the case with Brazilian wool faux locks. This weaving material is made of specially processed wool and is absolutely safe to use. Brazilian wool comes in a variety of colors, so you can always pick the color that matches your natural hair shade or make a more adventurous choice and get Brazilian wool twists in a contrasting color – for example, gray braids will help you follow one of 2017’s biggest hair trends.

Brazilian wool twists

3. The most popular wool hairstyles

Using Brazilian wool for making braids gives you nearly unlimited possibilities for experimenting and trying new things. You can go for the classic option and get Nigerian hairstyles with wool in the most traditional colors, or you can try something new by adding a fun twist to your hairstyles. Right now the hottest Brazilian wool styles are:

Yarn braids

Let’s start with the most popular way to style wool hair. Thanks to the fact that Brazilian wool is super comfortable to work with, you can easily control the thickness, the number and the placement of the braids.

Yarn braids

Short wool hairstyles

While long and flowing braids look very trendy and beautiful, shorter hairstyles can be as charming as waist-long twists. Short wool braids are usually thinner than longer ones, which is why you can get more braids from the same amount of wool.

Short wool hairstyles

Wool dreads

This hairstyle is very popular with celebrities because of its fresh look. Instead of using Brazilian wool to create the usual braids, you can opt for dreads instead. This hairstyle is also very comfortable to wear and is a great way to spice up your look.

Wool dreads

Wool buns

No matter which Brazilian wool hairstyle you decide to go for, whenever you get tired of your braids or dreads, you can style them into a cute and fashionable bun. You can create a bun using all of your braids, leave half of the braids flowing freely, or make two or more buns for a truly impressive look.

Wool buns
wool braid hairstyles

Brazilian wool twists

Short wool hairstyles

Brazilian wool faux lo

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