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'I only get wet for the money' - Nigerian Runs girl market herself on Twitter.

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Her bio says she only gets 'wet' for the money
On Saturday, November 3, 2018, a Nigerian Twitter user known as Weird Bella, and tweeted via her account @realolosho that  she's ready to have sex for money by advertising her ‘business.’

Interestingly, prostitution is becoming a legal business across the world, with the Netherlands recently legalizing the venture with stringent age limits and heavy taxation. While that seems slightly far off for Nigeria, some of us have still taken the liberty to take pride in prostitution.

In the post accompanying a sexy picture with her face cropped out, Bella tweets, “I am a real runs girl, I can travel anywhere as long as you can pay book my flight and pay well for your satisfaction!!! Please kindly Retweet my customer might be on your TL…!”

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