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Prompting you the best.....

“You could have caused the death of 5 police officers who kept on looking at you because of your tempting dressing”
Police in Lusaka have arrested a 16 year old girl for putting on a min-skirt that disturbed male officers on duty and nearly caused their death. Police say the juvenile was arrested together wth her 28 year old aunt Mirriam Mwanza. Mirriam was arrested for failing to advise her niece to dress decently. It is allegidly that while on duty, 5 male police officers were nearly hit by a truck as they kept on gazing at the 16 year old brown-girl who was passing by while putting on a tempting skirt. The girl was arrested immeadiately and taken to court after spending 7 days in police cells.
And when the matter came up for commencement of trial in court before magistrate Nsunge Chanda on Monday, a State prosecutor informed the court that the State was not ready to proceed with trial because they had received instructions from the DPP chambers to have the matter discontinued.

But before magistrate Chanda could discharge the accused, she warned them to behave themselves, saying that women were supposed to conduct themselves with respect and integrity. She added that the two should not find themselves in prison or police again.
“Before I make my order, you are 27 years meaning you are old so you are supposed to help the child. Already I have been given the facts, the way you behave is very important because you committed an offence. You have to change. You behave,” she said. “You juvenile, how long have you stayed in prison? It’s not a good place. So whatever you did on that particular day, you know yourselves, you should not find yourselves in prison or police again. Women are supposed to conduct themselves with respect and integrity.”
Magistrate Chanda then discharged the matter and set the accused at liberty.

Meanwhile, former NGOCC chairperson Sara Longwe, who had also gone to show solidarity to the two, said Zambians were Constitutionally protected to wear
anything they please. “There was no case to start with. Because there is no dress code in Zambia. We have freedom of expression, we are Constitutionally protected. Everybody can wear anything. Miniskirt is not indecent.

If we look at our tradition, our forefathers and mothers not less than 60 years ago, where dressed less than we were. And they didn’t consider themselves being naked. This is shameful for Zambia that we should always be talking about dressing. It’s a pity they didn’t say what exactly they did wrong, we will get to the bottom of it and it must stop. We are a free Zambia and we must enjoy our freedom”, she said.


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