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One Dead, Four Hospitalized After Housemaid, Taibat Poisoned Pot Of Soup| Video.

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In a viral video on social media, a young housemaid identified as Taibathas allegedly poisoned a family’s pot of soup because she was not allowed to eat out of it.

And to punish the whole family, Taibat added insecticide into the vegetable soup the family ate which is said to have since resulted in the death of her employer while her four grandchildren are still battling for their lives at the hospital.
Upon interrogation, Taibat explained that she had eaten crayfish without permission and that the punishment meted on her was that her employer decided not to give her out of the soup she prepared with it.

She further explained that soon after the meal was consumed, the family members who had eaten out of it started to purge and vomit. When asked how she felt after seeing them act that way, she revealed that she was happy. However, when asked if she knew the insecticide could kill them, she said she only thought it would be bitter in their mouth, then make them shit and vomit.

Watch the video below:

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