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Glo unlimited browsing cheat is back and it’s rocking well. The good news here is that you don’t need any data for it to work. All you need is Http Injection and File.

In this post, we are going to show and teach you how to browser free and enjoy unlimited browsing and downloads on your phone.

How to Browse Free on Glo 0.0k ?

To power up Glo data nowadays is maths on its own, gone are the days of free browsing using uc handler when we surf the net unlimitedly, downloading like fire, but now to power up the data is just like calculation..
But don't be scared when i say calculation, i mean we have to perform a little task which is; 

1. Make sure you activate your Glo sim Recharging your glo line with little amount of airtime just to boost it, even if it's #50 airtime.
2. Once data is on, we move on to the next step

  • Download Tweakware from play store – HERE
  • Download the beta file for this tweak – HERE
  • Open your Tweakware app, click on SETTINGS on the top corner of your screen.
  • Tap on Import Tweak
  • After importing the file go back to your tweakware homepage, and underneath the Free Server – Auto Select, tap on the bar underneath it and select Custom .
  • Hit the CONNECT button and wait for at least ten (10) seconds for it to connect.

What's The Glo 0.0k Data Cap?

For now, we can't tell because some of our test team are still using it till now and they have used up to 5gb and am sure it's might be unlimited. 
So let's use it before the owners come & collect their property.

How Can I Get The Glo 0.0k File? 

Getting the Config File is quite simple, however it's scheduled to expire in 15days from now.

Does The Glo 0.0k Works On All Devices? 

Yes & No.
Why we said Yes & No is because the Config File is highly restricted to some sniffers who has tried possible times to sniff our Config without credits, so we've decided to add this features to keep it safe and also to credit my team's hardworks.

Now Let's Continue On How to use the Glo 0.0k Config:

Once you've followed the above steps and your data is on, download the Config and import it to your Http Injector then connect and wait a little before it gets connected.  

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