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Residence Lament Over Total Collapse of Major Link Roads In Kogi State. (See Photos)

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The deplorable state of Nigerian roads can best be described as a national shame and embarrassment. This is because most of the roads across the nation, whether Road A which are federal, or Road B which are state roads or Road C  which are local government roads, are in decadent state, and there is hardly any part of the country that can boast of decent motorable roads. This terrible state of the country’s roads has resulted to untimely deaths of innocent Nigerians and foreigners through avoidable accidents. 

The same poor state of roads has resulted in poor productivity of workers as immeasurable man-hours are lost in finding a way out residence. In a country where there is no functional railway system, roads are the only means of movement for people and goods. Unfortunately, Nigerian roads are in very deplorable conditions going by complaints across the nation. 

Roads such as, Ugwolawo, Ubiga, Umomi, Angwa, Abuja Area, Anyangba, Dekina Kogi State, Emachi Road, Ajaka, Anyigba and several others have become a nightmare to motorists, People who ply them on daily basis. And there is hardly any day an accident or accidents are not recorded as a result of this pitiable condition of the Kogi Roads. 

Specifically, Ajaokuta road are worst hit by this decadence. In accessing Lokoja through Itobe, Ajaokuta Road, the situation has remained irredeemable for years now. 

The experience navigating through Ajaokuta road during rainy season becomes  more terrible as vehicles break down, heavy-duty trucks overturn or get stuck in the mud while motorists disembark at very terrible sections of the roads to push rickety and articulated vehicles thereby causing traffic gridlock on the roads.

The people of Kogi State are appealing for Immediate action to be taken on the roads to avoid further loses of lives or materials. 

Written by: Aruwa I. Abubakar
          CEO Aruwaab9ja.com.ng

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