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Download MTN 0.0KB Latest Config Files For All VPNs for Complete One Month.

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MTN 0.0KB is the latest free browsing that everyone have been using extravagantly to access the "sweet" internet. In Nigeria, data is too cost to buy, and network providers won't consider that, but only to increase the data plans price for their selfish interest.

Imagine buying a data plan of 10GB from 9mobile or any other network, only for you to see it consumes like a burning furnace. The speed is high and what are we going to do? Nothing!

So, that's why we considered to use the latest MTN Mpulse tariff plan that is primarily launched for children, as a free browsing gateway for all young and old people in Nigeria or areas where MTN network is used.

Without further ado, you need a VPN app and a config file to make this free browsing work better. You also need a good internet network, but not the primary prerequisite though. I will provide the latest VPN and Config Files for the MTN 0.0KB you all need in the bottom of this article.

Latest Config Files For MTN 0.KB Are:

How To Import The Config Files

Open any of the VPN App, tap "IMPORT" and locate the config file you downloaded and tap on it to import.

Note that each VPN has different ways to navigate onto "import". For example, on Eproxy VPN app, you have tap on the "BIG RED BUTTON" at the bottom of your screen.

    That is all and you are good to go, so enjoy this new working cheat while it last. More updates are coming so not all cheat we will be updating here Kindly Join Our WhatsApp Group Here

    If you need updates on this information, Leave a comment below and include your email or Join our whatsapp Group Here

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