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#UNYOGBA 2019: Why You Should Support “Idris Ejima Aruwa” for House of Assembly.

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Idris Ejima Aruwa, was born in Idah, the headquarter of Idah Local Government Area of Kogi State, on the 14th of May 1973 to the family of Dr. Salihu Alhassan Aruwa.


“Politics to me is about providing service to the people where it is required most at a particular time”. 
In today’s Nigeria, there is on – going agitation for true federalism leading to competition among the states for self-sustainability and viability, Kogi state must not be left behind in this race. Like the saying goes “Politics is local”, the direct impact of the  state government on the life of the citizen is very obvious from the challenges our people are facing today.
The job of making Kogi state a self-sustaining and viable state that will meet the expectations of her people. It is to enable our dear state and people of Idah local government area meet these challenges of the future Nigeria that I decided to present myself for the post of Member of the Kogi state House of Assembly

HIS Vision and Agenda for Idah Federal Constituency:

My Agenda for development of Kogi state and Idah local government area is built upon the potentials and capabilities (human and material resources) and hopes to minimize its weaknesses in order to create wealth, create jobs, reduce poverty, and re-orient the values of the people.
We hope to achieve these by investing in, and empowering our people, creating an enabling environment for, and actively promoting the private sector as the engine of growth and job creation, rescuing our communities from decay and lay the foundation for sustainable prosperity by jump-starting the emergence of a modern local community in Kogi State that will attract world talents and culture.
Mine is a grand vision and a plan for sustainable prosperity. The goal is to understand what it takes to build and manage modern, prosperous communities. Within 100 days in office, I would organize the “Idah Constituency Economic Summit” to harness the contributions of all members of the constituency, other knowledgeable Kogites and our national and international partners towards the “Idah Constituency Solution 2020”.

My Vision is to take Idah LGA to the next level. Idah LGA should be an excellent commercial- industrial hub based on Agro business.
It is a vision that intends to exploit the geographical advantage and the unique entrepreneurial capabilities of our people. With the dredging of the River Niger and its potential navigability, together with the proposed airport and refinery in Kogi State, I see the skyline along the banks of River Niger signaling the new international community.
Mine is a Vision for Innovation, a vision of a world where science and technology work more directly for social justice, poverty alleviation and the environmental transformation. Positive Change of life is our dream for the people of my Constituency. Yes! ‟WE CAN”.
Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that “Once a mind has been stretched by a new idea, it never returns to its original shape”. It is in the same vain that the English publisher, Lady Catherine argued that “Nothing ever built rose to touch the sky unless some men dreamt that it should; some men believed that it would, and some men willed that it must”. I am convinced that God has willed that this dream is one whose time has come: There is no going back!

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