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How You Can Copy Texts From Facebook App.

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Inability to select or copy text from any android apps i.e youtube,instagram, facebook looks kind of funny to me, even you won’t be able to highlight them talkless of copying.
This kind of uncopyable text is called textview that means they can’t be edited or copied since native support a’int supported.
I have found out an app that works best for this you only need to activate and enable it and the work is done
Universal Copy

Universal Copy Mode This is the effective medicine to textview, you only need to install it and activate, you also need to give
accessibility permission to let it
inspect the content that is in the current window.
Quickly try out this trick with your google playstore, after you are on the window you wanna copy text from you need to activate copy mode on that specific window. You will get a notification from Universal Copy telling you to activate the copy mode.
Universal Copy Activation 

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