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APC Reps Aspirant Faces Certificate Forgery Allegation.

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As preparation for the primaries of the All Progressives Congress, APC, reaches a home-stretch, the Kogi State chapter of the party seems to be grappling with the dilemma of certificate forgery petition leveled against one of its aspirants for Idah Federal Constituency, Hon David Idris Zacharias.
In a petition addressed to the APC chairman in Abuja, the petitioner alleged that the information supplied to the party by Hon David Idris Zacharias are not only false but forged.
According to the petition, the name on Hon Zacharias Primary School Certificate is Idrisu Zekeri, while his Secondary School, which he claimed he obtained from Aloji Community Secondary School in Kogi State bears Monday Amana.
However, investigation into a 2013 affidavit he deposed to, revealed that, contrary to the Monday Amana which he claimed to have used in Secondary School, the name on the said result is David Zakarias as opposed to Monday Amana.
He also claimed that the name on his University Certificate is David Zakarias. However, on the Nomination Form he presented to the Party, the name of the Aspirant is Hon. David Idris Zacharias.
He further contradicted himself; on the 26th February, 2013, Hon David Idris Zacharias deposed to an affidavit of change of name where he claimed to be formerly known as Idrisu Zakari and that during his Secondary School education at Aloji, Kogi State he changed his name to Monday Amana which is the name on his Secondary School Certificate.
Whereas the Aspirant claimed to have changed his name to Monday Amana while at the Secondary School, Aloji, Ofu Loca Government, Kogi State, the result presented to the party is from Alla – Ejima Community Secondary School which has no relationship with Aloji where he claimed to have attended.
If the Aspirant claimed to have answered Monday Amana in his Secondary School education, it is naturally expected he got admission into University with the same name. However, the name on the University result is David Zakarias which is different in nature and character from the said Monday Amana.
While a change of name is constitutional, it must make sense to discerning minds that, the name with which one obtained Secondary School certificate should be the same name with which you gain admission into university, except affidavit is sworn to that effect.
Certificate forgery is an offence punishable under the Nigerian Law. Both Criminal and Penal Codes that apply in the Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria prohibits forgery.
While section 463 of the Criminal Code which is applicable in the South provides for three years imprisonment for the offence of forgery, sections 362 – 364 of the Penal Code applicable in the North where the Aspirant belongs, provides for forgery with punishment of up to 14 years imprisonment with option of fine or both.

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