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Federal Polytechnic Idah Embarked On 1 Month strike following the stabbing of a student.

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The incident started Friday evening by 7:50pm when a student by the name Gabriel Ajeh from computer science who came from otukpo branch was attacked at his lodge by armed robbers.

During the incident the armed robbers requested for his phone and laptop which he refused due to dragging with the armed robbers he was stabbed in the stomach and the items was till collected from him.

later some minutes when he regained strength but out of consciousness he ran after them and was shouting thief while other fellow students who heard the shout follow up in the pursue until the affect boy fell down.

At the time a helper named, mr sagacious came with some neighbour and rush him on bike to the school clinic by 8pm, the clinic management requested for the ID Card of the victim but could not be provided, the school clinic had to refer the boy to the general hospital idah for effective treatment.

On their Way, the boy died and the body was brought back to the school, after which some student ran to the the school sug quarter and gave them the news, immediately the S U G president had to call the town police station because of students reactions following the death of the student for maximum security.

In the morning some angry student went to the school clinic and destroy the clinic bed, tv, car park, windows etc out of hanger, saying why can't the clinic attend to the victim because of ID Card.

From the students caption, it can be tell that the school clinic will have attended to the emergency before demanding for the dying patient/victim's ID Card.

In meeting, the director of social said to the school management that it is the incapability an incompetency of the management that is causing all those crisis, in the process of stopping the Navy from molesting students, the director of social sug was even picked by the Navy, but has been released after much agitation from the Union an students at large.

The SUG president and others student from the village of the boy, was reported that, they have had a bitter incident due to the situation.

Later this morning the school is being shut down because of this tragedic incident, the agitated reaction of the students who are ever ready to burn down the school. 

For peaceful resolution the SUG president, the Director of social Comr Adaidu Alexander and other executives held a meeting with the school authority today being Monday 10th. Laid some terms and condition for the School.

Here Are The Conditions Before The student Enter Class.
ID card should be provided for all student before 2week of resumption.
School Securities should always be at alert and also oriented.
The securities should be given powrrful weapons.
The authority should sack all medical personnel who don't worth it.
They should repair the clinic.
They should fence all open entrance.
All student should have their ID card on them all time including lecturers.
Permit should be provided for visitors.
As well as issues of street light should be properly handled

The school Authority come in a conclusion that the school should  be shut down for a minimum of four (4) weeks
Reporting after the news
The school has embarked on one month strike, as a circular was released today  (Monday 10th, 2017) demanding all students of the school should vacate the school before 6pm.

News extracted from
Comr Usman Joshua Eleojo
Sug President

And Comr Adaidu Aexander
Director is social sug.

May your soul Rest in Peace. Amen....

Credit: Enenaija.com

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