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welcome to $RushHourCash!

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Hello, welcome to $RushHourCash! This is a community of people growing together to attain Financial Freedom. It's not a GetRichQuick scheme so Cyber Beggars are not allowed. Welcome! as we succeed together.
Please do Take time to Read below!
       ~How It Works~
~You register on the Website at www.rushhourcash.net when the Site is Launched at every Rush Hour (RH).

~Once Registered, Matching is automated and instantaneous, you have 1 HOUR to complete payment and call your Receiver to confirm you. *NOTE- Users are automatically deleted once time expires.
~When you are Confirmed, you are now Eligible to receive Payment from other Users. Two available Users will be immediately Matched to make payments to you. Any User who fails to make payment will be deleted automatically after 1 HOUR, and you will be Automatically Rematched with a replacement.

~ Please Note that RUSH HOUR duration is 6 Hours from Launch. *Meaning that once Rush Hour begins on the site, the matching and re-matching will last for only 6 HOURS until the next RH.
*After 6 Hours the site will begin counting down to the next RUSH HOUR which will be 48hours from the last one.

THIS is in a bid to foster Sustainability and Continuity and more importantly keep you from losing your Hard Earned money (unlike other ponzi schemes and scam website).
Here, even if you DO NOT receive payment before the end of RUSH HOUR, you can relax, because you will be First in line to receive payment at the Next RUSH HOUR. 
So you see?! No one really loses.
#RHC is here to stay!                                 
You can join the telegram group  https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAA0GILcMqSnNT0hBew
That's the telegram group link.

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