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Welcome to SUREPAY!

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SUREPAY is a community of DONORS i.e. people who donate to each other. Members DONT need to REFER people or upgrade i.e. no levels. Everything is simple: 

Donate 10k to someone - another 2 donates 20k to you. 
But there is a MUST that you stay active by recycling each time your downlines paid you.

Payment TIME FRAME is 12hrs after GH list is release; failure to comply might leads to automatic deletion.

drop your UNIQUE USERNAME and PHONE number for the support to record. E.g. Sholesky/09056786543.

T & Cs:
Maximum of 2 slots are allow per person.
No posting of anything different from Surepay.
Dont flood the group with your complain if any, always chat the supports.
Post your Proof Of Payment (POP) for confirmation after making payments.
*Flouting any of the aforementioned conditions will attracts immediate sanction.


Click Telegram/whatsApp link below:

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