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How to Use USB as RAM | Get More RAM

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USB Keys function are very useful from which I am going to tell you about one, which is USB as RAM or Increase RAM Capacity, Random Access Memory is that the very core element of our laptops or PCs as a result of all the operations we have a tendency to perform square measures quickly hold on and run during this memory as a result of it’s terribly high speed. therefore bigger the quantity of RAM in your system it'll perform quicker and faster. not like hard-disk you can not store information for good in it our home computers have invariably terribly less quantity of RAM as a result of it’s terribly high worth. however these days we'll tell you the way you'll use your normal USB flash drive as a RAM and use it so as to extend your laptop or PC's random access memory.

    Plugin within the 4GB or extra space USB flash drive into your system and go to My Computer's main screen. then Right click on your USB drive and click on ReadyBoost tab.

    Boost your Computer Speed

    That’s it, this cool new Windows seven feature can currently use the USB drive as Ram in your laptop and currently your laptop must performs far better than before. each time you insert USB you will get option as below to use your USB as booster

    usb as ram

    Select "Speed up my system" button and use your flash drive as RAM.

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